Technical maintenance

MD Facility Management ensures smooth running of all MEP related processes, namely…

  • primary power supply
  • back-up power supply
  • HVAC systems
  • gas facilities 
  • water supply and sewerage
  • refrigeration systems 
  • fire and life safety systems
  • vertical transportation system
  • low voltage automation systems (inc. security, access, lightning and other controls)
  • electric measurements
  • operations control 
  • special service system that are property unique

MD Facility Management organizes service provision through its own specialized business units.

With our offer we relieve our clients from management responsibilities and improve cost-effectiveness of their property:

  • MEP Technical Audit
  • Preventive Maintenance Schedule
  • Tenants Communication
  • Operational Budget Planning
  • Maintenance Programming
  • Utility Consumption Planning and Records
  • MEP Municipal Registration and Commissioning
  • Communication with Regulators and Utility Providers

We render FM service in several options:

  1. on-site
  2. combined on-site and mobile servicing
  3. mobile servicing
  4. emergency maintenance 

MD Facility Management provides a 24 Hour Dispatch service for all requests. Each dispatch operator has a detailed understanding of all properties and contracted service levels. This is critical in determining a course of service when a call comes into our 24 Hour Dispatch Office.

Our mobile crews are highly qualified personnel operating modern equipment to access maintenance problems and solve them in the shortest possible time.

All staff members are certified by authorized government agencies. Particular attention is also paid to observation of life and labor safety provisions (OTiTB).