Electrical Measurement Lab

MD Facility Management’s Electrical Measurement Laboratory is registered by the Moscow RosTechNadzor Service and is granted the right for testing, measuring and maintenance of electrical units up to 10kV.

Our laboratory services include:

  • Electric system ground connection check 
  • Soil resistivity testing 
  • Resistance measurement in all types of grounds
  • Resistance measurement in insulation (cables, motor winding, secondary wiring and other electric equipment) 
  • Phase-neutral loop resistance measurement 
  • Cutouts testing 
  • Overvoltage testing of cabling and equipment 
  • Relay and local/remote control panels testing 
  • Safety cutout device testing 
  • Automatic changeover switch testing 
  • Phasing check on switchboard
  • Lightning protection check 
  • Touch voltage measurement
  • Verification of cable labeling
  • Cable faultfinding
  • Hidden utilities location 
  • Developing a single-line diagram (SLD) for existing power supply and lighting scheme 

All measurements are made by highly qualified personnel using digital measuring equipment of the latest designs.
All works (measurements, testing and papers) are carried out in short terms at the convenience of our customers. Test record sheet is provided upon the testing to meet the requirements of RosTechNadzor.

Additional Info