Environmental Consulting

Real estate operation and maintenance inevitably impact the environment and therefore are subjects to government regulation.

MD Facility Management offers consulting services with the focus on environmental issues of our clients’ activities:

  • Development of mandatory environmental projects and obtaining the planning permission (and annual extension of the permit)
  • Development of Environmental Impact Reports and obtaining their authorization (local, regional and federal bodies); reporting statistics
  • Calculation of  environmental charges
  • Drawing up gauging schedules for major emitters: boiler stations, finishing/varnishing plants and others – preparation for environmental inspections
  • Environment monitoring: air, waste water and soil sampling; waste hazard analysis
  • Temporary waste storage guidelines
  • Arranging waste disposal and recyclable materials management systems
  • Annual reporting to Mosvodostok
  • Projection of environmental management costs
  • Assistance in sanitary protection zone development
  • Assistance in obtaining ISO – 14001 certification
  • Assistance in internal and external environmental audit
  • Assistance in choosing members for Environment Support Team (based on the customer’s personnel)

Pollution discharge limits and environmental projects development are regulated by the Russian Law (Federal Law on Environmental Protection (#7-ФЗ), Federal Law on Production and Consumption Waste (#89- ФЗ) and Federal Law on Atmospheric Air Protection (#96-ФЗ) and others).

MD Facility Management’s services fully comply with requirements of the state ecological control agencies. Our environmental programs and years of experience in the field enable us to implement the projects at the highest quality level in the shortest possible time.