About Us

Founded in 1994 MD Facility Management renders FM services to commercial, public and residential property owners and tenants. In 2011, OMC Technical Maintenance Division was formed on the basis of MD and Fragra.

Today, we serve the total area of over 5 million square meters.

Our team has years of operation in the premium real estate market. The top managers of MD have the MBA degree in Real Estate and the Property Manager Certificates issued by the Institute of Real Estate Management (USA).

The total number of staff is over 2,000 of highly qualified engineers and managers, each of them having the Russian citizenship, including on-site personnel.

Headquartered in Moscow, MD Facility Management provides FM services and oversees the activities of its business units across all regions of Russia.

Our service portfolio offers comprehensive facility management solutions to relieve our clients from management responsibilities and improve the cost-effectiveness of their property. We practice efficient approach to customers committed to the importance of strategic planning and investment.

MD Facility Management also performs as integrator offering customers the services of its outsourcing partners.